What is Web Hosting?

Web Host GuideIn today’s Information Age, more and more people use the Internet to work, play, communicate, and share knowledge and information. Some are just passive consumers of information, but an increasing number of people and businesses have become producers of online data, all of which has to be hosted, one way or another, on the Internet.

What exactly is web hosting? Often, the people who want to share their own content-websites, blogs, video streams, game servers, etc.-on the Internet either lack the resources to maintain a safe and reliable server, or they prefer the convenience of having their material hosted by professionals, whether on a server shared with many other clients, an exclusive dedicated server, or even their own server housed in a datacenter equipped with redundant power sources and secured with closed-circuit TV and security. This is where the web hosting provider comes in.

There are different kinds of web hosting plans, tailored to the needs of the customer. The purpose of this website is to provide straightforward, accessible information about each main type of web hosting service, including:
—     Dedicated server hosting, where the client rents an exclusive server from the web host provider, with the provider often being responsible for managing and updating the server;
—     Colocation hosting, where the server, owned by the client, is stored in datacenters equipped with HVAC and protected by security;
—     Shared web hosting, where the client rents a partition on a server, but the server hosts the content of multiple clients;
—     Reseller hosting, similar to dedicated hosting, with the client actually buying the server from the web hosting provider.