Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Web HostingThrough a dedicated hosting plan, the customer rents a server, usually with hardware, software, and operating system of choice, from the web hosting provider, and this server is reserved exclusively for the client. An important factor to consider about dedicated hosting plans the hosting cost, since it is one of the most expensive types of web hosting service.

Dedicated hosting plans differ in terms of the level of server management that the web hosting provider includes in the plan. Some dedicated servers are fully managed, with no intervention from the client-the provider takes care of all patches, upgrades, security issues, reboots, etc. There are also more moderate levels of management, with the customer having some responsibility for server maintenance. On the other end of the spectrum, there are self-managed and unmanaged servers, where the customer has to take care of most, or all, of server maintenance. All dedicated hosting providers are responsible for the security of the servers, however.

Dedicated servers may be best suited for those small- and medium-size businesses that want the convenience of having their own server, but do not have the resources or space to fully own, store and maintain the server. Another benefit of renting a dedicated server is the powerful hardware, secure storage facility, and the customer’s choice of operating system and software. For someone who wants the benefits of server management but does not need an entire private server, a shared hosting plan might be a more cost-effective option.