Shared Hosting

Shared Web HostingShared web hosting is one of the more low cost hosting options, generally cheaper than dedicated plans. This obviously follows a fundamental law of commercial transactions: the less you are willing to pay, the less you will get.

With a shared hosting plan, the customer rents a partition on a server, rather than the entire server itself. Given that the customer doesn’t have access to the server itself, the responsibility for managing a shared server always falls with the web hosting provider. This is convenient for clients who don’t need an entire server for their content, and don’t want to take charge of server management.

The downside of a shared server, however, is that the server management is usually not as extensive as in the case of a managed dedicated server, and the customer generally doesn’t have an input into server management issues. The choice of hardware and operating systems is also much more limited than what usually comes with a dedicated hosting plan. If your business has large, complex hosting needs, and you want to take charge of your own server management, you might want to go the extra mile and rent a dedicated server.

However, the shared hosting option may be ideal for an individual or a start-up business that doesn’t need the space and server access that comes with large, complex content. Many web hosting providers nowadays offer shared plans that can be upgraded into dedicated plans with the expansion and increased sophistication of the customer’s hosting needs.